Eco Battery Cells

Significant Fuel & Carbon Savings

Our Eco products help clients save fuel and cut costs whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Reliable Hire Solutions for All Business Needs

We deliver solutions that have been tried, tested, and proven to work. With live fuel efficiency reporting, we have access to real-time analytics on demand.

Sustainable Products

Our Eco range saves the planet whilst saving you money. With major reductions in carbon emissions, noise pollution and diesel usage when compared to other leading brands.

Eco Battery Cells

Our Eco Battery Cells use hybrid technology. Whether combined with solar generators or hybrid generators, their power banks combine power storage and eco smart technology. This increases power efficiencies by up to 100%. When there is a low demand in power your generators can be turned off – the battery then provide the power. This method of power reduction has proven effective in storing energy and implementing economic fuel usage.

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What makes these battery cells so reliable is the extended lifespan of their usage sessions. One full generator charge lasts for 120 hours, and each Battery Cell can power a complete plant package for this time.
One of the highlights of our Eco Range is that most units, including this one, can be monitored remotely for maintenance and energy consumption. At the touch of a button, our team will be able to analyse the health and power inputs/outputs of your Generator and Eco Battery.

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