Year after year we strive to deliver our products and services sustainably. We are consistently conscious of the communities that we work in and the planet as a whole.

Express Eco Solutions have continually pushed the boundaries of our equipment and services, adapting to overcome challenges, finding efficiencies, and developing the latest technology. We extend these efforts to our Corporate Social responsibilities.

Significant Fuel & Carbon Savings

Our Eco products help clients save fuel and cut costs whilst reducing carbon emissions

Complete Hire Solutions for All Business Needs

Solar powered welfare cabins, portable office units, lighting towers, generators, eco-toilets and much more

Sustainable & Functional Products

Reducing carbon emissions whilst providing full-turnkey solutions

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

In 2021 we were proud to become runner-up as Doncaster Awards’ Green Business of the year. We demonstrated how our environmentally responsible activities have contributed to our business success and growth.

This included:

  • Promotion and development of our solar-powered products.
  • Our efforts towards being carbon-neutral in our business operations.

Charity and Community

As we grow, we want to offer the communities where we are based as much support as possible to thrive. Whilst some of this includes monetary donations to local charities, teams and groups, we also offer skill-based support where we can.

In the last few years, we have;

  • Donated £20,000 to Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.
  • £1,000 donated to the local library refurbishment project – this will impact the user experience for the children’s area.
  • A new football kit for all 40 players at local under 12 football team.
  • Full sponsorship to a local all-girls football team of 30+ players.
  • A kit sponsorship for a local football team.
  • Free drainage services for all children’s hospitals.
  • Mission dog rescue: the team rescued 3 stray dogs in Portugal and rehomed them in the UK.
  • Free drainage services for local RSPCA units in local areas
  • For our Christmas toy and food drive, we raised over £8,000 worth of toys and food that were redistributed to those in need. Around 250 children were reached, including 80 families and several local charities.

In future, we intend to develop our strategies to build an even greener, community-conscious, and people-focused business. Our goal is to contribute positively to society in all possible ways.

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An example of a blue-chip multi-site operator’s savings whilst using our eco range from June 2022 to January 2023.


Fuel saved in Ltrs


Water saved in Ltrs


Labour costs saved


Fuel cost saved


Water costs saved


Total cost savings in 25 weeks

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

We delight in supporting our staff, the local community, and charities as much as we can.  From the outset, we offer all employees:

  • Wellbeing Packs including wellness gifts and detailing important mental health emergency helplines.
  • Managers who are trained in employee mental health awareness.
  • Exercise facilities at discounted/complimentary rates.
  • An employee of the month incentive scheme.
  • Support for employees with disabilities, making adaptations to the workplace where necessary – 15% of our workforce have disabilities. 21% of our employees are ex-military personnel.
  • A no-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination of any kind.

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